The Fabled Beaverkill

The Beaverkill Valley Inn is situated on the banks of the Beaverkill, a legendary stream that is considered the birthplace of American dry fly-fishing. Upstream, many tributaries flow into it, as its waters descend from high peaks, through forests protected as forever wild. More than 100 tributaries flow into the Beaverkill along its 45-mile journey to the Delaware River.

American fly-fishing pioneers like Theodore Gordon and John Burroughs felt at home in the Beaverkill, which remains a source of legend and wonder. In 1979 Joan and Lee Wulff opened the Wulff School of Fly-Fishing, which is still active today, on the banks of the Beaverkill just upstream of the Beaverkill Valley Inn

“To many great fly fishers, the Beaverkill is the standard by which all other trout streams are judged. It is the first and the oldest in reputation.”

Ed Van Put in The Beaverkill: The History of a River and Its People