Owning Real Estate in the Valley

Own Property in a Community that Values Conservation

The Beaverkill Mountain Club,  a community of over 85 conservation-minded homeowners that owns and operates the Beaverkill Valley Inn, invites you to join us. We’ve made the preservation of the Beaverkill Valley and its natural riches our goal and legacy.  Together, our families have preserved over 10,000 acres of land surrounding the inn, and we welcome you to write your family’s story with ours.

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“At this late hour of the century, the elements that were the basis of a nation–open lands, strong communities based on strong families–have become scarce. And that which is scarce is precious–like the Beaverkill, where a pristine forest harmoniously blends into a common-spirited community that touches the land lightly. All this, hardly more than two hours from New York City.”

The Beaverkill Valley Holds a Rich Conservation Tradition

The area surrounding the inn, part privately-owned, party forever-wild parkland, is a prime example of the Catskill’s lush and free–truly American landscape–and it has been preserved, throughout history, in its natural state through a blend of conservation strategies.

The private hunting and fishing clubs that saved swathes of land in the Beaverkill area at the turn of the twentieth century were the leaders in the valley’s private conservation movement.

The Beaverkill Mountain Club project, which was started in the mid-1970s by some forward-thinking conservationists, brought to the Beaverkill Valley a community of farms and houses built on land privately conserved through conservation easements. This residential community, consisting of approximately 18,000 preserved acres, neighbors the dense, magical wilderness of New York-state conserved land (the Catskill Park) as well as the land owned by the private fishing and hunting clubs.

This weaving together of public and private conservation has created an area that is secluded yet welcoming–and rich with natural resources and community connections. Be part of the movement.

74 High Meadow Road

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74 Sugar Bush Road

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62 High Meadow Road – A Fly Fisher’s Fantasy

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27 Big Pond Road

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